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Published Oct 14, 21
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Rather the primary theory in these cases will be defective manufacture of the drug as opposed to the typical duty to warn theory that lawyers usually pursue in these types of lawsuits. Discovery against generic manufacturers and retail distributors in this litigation is ongoing. The latter, which includes all of the big names such as Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, etc, filed a motion to dismiss in May 2021.

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Our lawyers will update you when there is a court ruling. Prospective Zantac plaintiffs will include anyone who regularly used Zantac and was diagnosed with cancer. The highest individual payouts in these cases will be those diagnosed with specific types of cancer that are closely linked to NDMA and the gastrointestinal system which the drug impacts.

Our attorneys believe the cancers in bold have the strongest science in their corner. But all of these cancers are likely caused by excessive NDMA.There is a spate of research now on NDMA and the type of cancers Zantac can cause. The Sloane Memorial Cancer Center in particular is expected to come out with research that will narrow down the cancers we are at greatest risk for with NDMA exposure.

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Our attorneys gave you some thoughts on what we think could be the potential per person Zantac payouts above. Let's reiterate: we have no real idea. Pre-trial discovery is ongoing. But we can look at other class action lawsuits and speculate and the possible financial compensation victims will receive in these cases if they are successful.

This is a good comparison because the injury is cancer and liability is similarly hotly contested with good lawyers on both sides. The defendants will trot our expert witnesses to say ranitidine is not harmful, just like experts testified passionately defending Roundup. But the other similarity our lawyer expect is a settlement that pays out over $10 billion in compensation.

If the ranitidine cases go well, an average settlement could be higher. Why might the Zantac lawsuits be worth more? Bayer is still, inexplicably, defending and selling Roundup. Zantac has been pulled off the market. So there is less of a need to defend the product. You might be asking why so little for a cancer wrongful death case.

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The settlement value of a mass tort case will likely be less than the trial value of the case. The trial value of successful Zantac cases is going to be many millions of dollars. The Roundup claims are again a good case in point. The verdicts in those cases have all been in the millions.

But for cases that settle without going to trial, you can expect a lesser amount. When will the Zantac lawsuits finally settle? Our lawyers' best guess is that it will be in 2022. Based on the court's most recent order on June 18th, it is hard to imagine a global Zantac settlement in 2021.

The federal judge handling the Zantac MDL cases has ordered a 2-part census of all filed and unfiled Zantac cancer claims. There are already thousands of individual plaintiff claims in the Zantac MDL and thousands of additional claims are expected. The Zantac cases have been consolidated into an MDL and assigned to Judge Robin Rosenberg in the Southern District of Florida.

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The initial part of the claim census is designed to give the court an accurate picture of the status of how many individual cases are in the MDL. This information will be used to help Judge Rosenberg select lawyers with the most clients to serve on the plaintiff leadership committee in the MDL.The second part of the claim census will require attorneys to submit information on all individual plaintiff claims that are being investigated but have not yet been filed.

This information will be used to help create a broad picture of the scope of alleged usage and injuries. This will eventually form the basis for grouping these individual cases into tiers for purposes of settlement. Beyond this paperwork, plaintiffs in the Zantac lawsuits simply have to wait and see how these cases play out.

Our law firm is currently evaluating new Zantac cancer lawsuits. If you used Zantac and were diagnosed with cancer and seek representation, we can give you private and free legal advice and explain your options for seeking compensation for you. Contact our Zantac class action lawyers at or fill out this contact form online for a free case evaluation.